10 Rustic Theme Reception Ideas

10 Rustic Theme Reception Ideas

A rustic wedding reception is also cost-effective because you don't need to spend much on decorations. With a rustic wedding, you can create an intimate setting that your guests will never forget. Rustic weddings allow you to use natural elements to decorate, such as wooden signs, string lights, and natural foliage.

Here are 10 rustic theme ideas:

  1. Serve signature cocktails in mason jars.
  2. Incorporate natural elements like wood, twine, and burlap into your decor.
  3. Use a wooden arch or trellis as your ceremony backdrop.
  4. Have an outdoor ceremony or reception with wood benches for seating.
  5. Use mason jars, or recycled glass bottles, for centerpieces.
  6. Use hay bales for seating at your outdoor reception.
  7. Hang string lights for a romantic and rustic look.
  8. Serve comfort food like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and grilled meats.
  9. Have live music, like a bluegrass band, to add a rustic vibe.
  10. Use vintage furniture like dressers and trunks to decorate the reception area.

We would love to hear your ideas for a rustic theme reception 

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